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All-out genocide of Muslim Rohingya continues in Myanmar

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“What’s happening in Myanmar can be dressed up as counter-insurgency campaign, but in design and purpose, it’s a pogrom and has popular support”; these words by Francis Wade, the author of a book about violence against the Rohingya, clearly shows the emergent condition in Myanmar’s western state. Keep Reading

Take back Aung San Suu Kyi’s Nobel Peace Prize

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According to the reports, the Rohingyas — including women and children — have been killed and physically tortured. According to the European Rohingya Council (ERC), 3,000 Rohingyas have been killed within three days between 25 and 27 August, 2017. Their villages have been burned to the ground. The military claimed that this was an effort to eliminate terrorism. Keep Reading

More than 3800 civilians have been killed to date in US-led coalition strikes in Syria and Iraq

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According to reports at least 3,800 civilians have been killed to date in US-led coalition bombing against ISIS across its territory in Syria and Iraq.

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Saudi Arabia: Qatar demand list is non-negotiable

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Riyadh’s foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir says that Doha must ‘amend its behaviour’ or ‘remain isolated’.
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