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Turkey’s EU bid between European rejection, approval

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The will was an open demand in 1987, the year Ankara said it wanted to be a member of the European Union. An official bid for accession was made by Turkey to join the bloc in 1999; however, talks to discuss the membership were launched in 2005. Turkey was given a 10-year deadline to reform its political, social, and economic structure, an arrangement required to meet the European values and standards. Keep Reading

Nationalist challenger criticises Zionism: Zionists fund chaos in the Middle East

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Nationalist party Alliansen (The Alliance) was founded less than one year ago and hence has no current parliamentary representation, but has been a breath of fresh air in the months leading up to the election, receiving plenty of media coverage in their bid to enter the Storting. The party’s founder and leader is the charismatic Hans Jørgen Lysglimt Johansen, who gained notoriety in Norway for supporting Donald Trump during the 2016 US presidential election. Keep Reading

UK set £139 million aid budget for Yemen while selling £3.6 billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia

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UK, France and the US have been three of the biggest suppliers of arms to the Saudi regime since the war in Yemen broke out in 2015, despite the fact that thousands of civilians, including children, have been injured in the conflict. Keep Reading

With EU accession not in sight, frustrated Turkey seeks regional relations

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The country since 2009 has been an official candidate for membership according to the accession process. It signed on the Customs Union Agreement as well as Free Trade Agreements with the union two years before making the formal bid. Both of the agreements stand as platform based on which the two sides’ trading takes place. Keep Reading

LO advocates international economic, cultural and academic boycott of Israel

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A majority of the Federation of Trade union (LO) Congress decided that Norway should strive for an international economic, cultural and academic boycott of Israel. Keep Reading

Norway billionaire intends to grant his wealth

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A Norwegian billionaire announced Tuesday he wants to contribute to society by giving away the “lion’s share” of his fortune, including funds for an oceanographic research vessel for the scientific community.
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Video: 13 injured as ferry slams into port in Canary Islands

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MADRID – Spanish authorities say 13 passengers aboard a ferry have been injured when the boat slammed into a breakwater in a port on the Canary Islands.

Manolo Vidal, spokesman for Naviera Armas, the company that owns the ferry, says that a “loss of electrical power” caused the accident as the boat was leaving the Puerta de la Luz on the island of Gran Canaria Friday night.

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