Storms on Jupiter captured in glorious detail by Juno flyby

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NASA’s Juno spacecraft is gifting us its latest batch of images taken during its seventh flyby of Jupiter. The latest snaps reveal the beauty of the planet’s swirling clouds with the public invited to add color to the raw images.

The space probe made the flyby on September 1, coming within 3,500km (2,200 miles) of the planet. Swirling clouds are visible in the images, indicating storms in the planet’s upper atmosphere.

Juno is scheduled to orbit Jupiter 12 times before it’s mission ends in July 2018, with an option to extend its mission if the spacecraft can continue to operate.

Every 53 days the space probe edges closer to the planet, before retreating due to intense radiation.

In July, Juno made its closest ever flyby of the planet’s iconic Great Red Spot, sending back never-before-seen images of the gigantic high-pressure zone twice the size of Earth.

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