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UAE tightens lid on Qatar, threatens sympathizers with up to 15 years in jail

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The United Arab Emirates has threatened anyone publishing expressions of sympathy towards fellow Gulf state Qatar with up to 15 years in prison, after it broke diplomatic relations with the country this week.

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Trump receives extravagant welcome on his visit to seal a multi-billion arms deal to Saudi-Arabia

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Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia kicked off on Saturday in his first international tour as president. Saudi Arabia, home to some of Islam’s holiest sites, warmly welcomed the man who has declared “Islam hates us” and said the United States was “losing a tremendous amount of money” defending the Kingdom.

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Trump blames Iran for terrorism and the spread of radicalization

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In his weekly address, President Donald J. Trump talked about his first foreign trip and noted that many Muslim leaders “have expressed growing concern about terrorism, the spread of radicalization, and Iran’s role in funding both.”
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Trump’s presidential approval rating within first 100 days in office lowest since 1945

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As President Donald Trump is approaching the 100-day benchmark in the White House, his approval rating has hit a historical low of 42 percent. Twelve of his predecessors averaged 61-percent at this point, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll showed.

An average of 42 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s performance as president, while 53 percent disapprove. Past presidents’ ratings averaged 69 percent approval and 19 percent disapproval by their 100th day in office, the poll shows.

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Saudi king’s son who ‘bombed Yemen’ named as ambassador to US

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Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has appointed his son, Prince Khaled bin Salman, as the country’s ambassador to the US, in a move said to point to strengthening ties to President Donald Trump.

U.S. President Donald Trump, speaks with Mohammed bin Salman, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s deputy crown prince and minister of defense, left, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. Trump’s administration may resume selling weapon guidance systems to Saudi Arabia that was halted by former President Barack Obama in December, according to the Wall Street Journal. Photographer: Mark Wilson/Pool via Bloomberg

Prince Khaled is an Air Force pilot who has taken part in operations in Yemen, AP reports. The prince, who studied military aviation in the US and briefly attended both Harvard University and Georgetown, has been working as an adviser at the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington since last year.

US have Warm relations with Saudi Arabia

haled’s position will allow Trump a direct line to the Saudi monarchy, further signalling warmer relations between the two powers after a cooling following the Obama administration’s nuclear agreement with regional rival Iran.

Saudi Arabia’s defense minister, and another of King Salman’s sons, Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, met with Trump in the White House in March.
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North Korea ‘can sink US aircraft carrier in one strike’

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North Korea says it has the military power to sink an American nuclear-powered aircraft carrier that is approaching waters off the Korean Peninsula in “one strike.”

The US has deployed a strike group, including the large USS Carl Vinson carrier, to the Korean Peninsula in what is intended to be a show of force amid North Korea’s advancing missile and military nuclear programs.

The US carrier will reach the peninsula by the end of April, according to US defense officials.
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