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Human Rights Watch

30,000 Rohingya Muslims are trapped in the mountains of Myanmar without access to water and food

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According to reports, Myanmar’s military operations are still going and have left hundreds of dead. Satellite images posted by human rights watch on Saturday show that the Rohingya refugees were forced into displacement because all of their villages have been completely burned down by Myanmar’s army attacks. Keep Reading

All-out genocide of Muslim Rohingya continues in Myanmar

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“What’s happening in Myanmar can be dressed up as counter-insurgency campaign, but in design and purpose, it’s a pogrom and has popular support”; these words by Francis Wade, the author of a book about violence against the Rohingya, clearly shows the emergent condition in Myanmar’s western state. Keep Reading

US lawmakers work to overturn Trump’s $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia

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U.S. lawmakers introduced legislation on Thursday seeking to stop at least a portion of President Donald Trump’s multibillion sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia.

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China Bans ‘Muhammad’ as Baby Name

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In response to unrest in the predominantly Muslim portions of far western China, Beijing has banned baby names that refer to the name of the prophet of Islam.
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