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Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Forces

European Report: Saudi Arabia financed the burning of the Iranian consulate and the headquarters of PMF

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The European RadioOsten quoted European intelligence sources as saying. General Soleimani Prevent the burning of US and Saudi consulates to save Basra from the foreign project of a dangerous war.

“European intelligence in Brussels and in more than one European capital were following with great concern the events of the sixth and seventh days in Basra and the days that followed. They were concerned about a major security breach and reprisals carried out by sympathizers with the PMF against the US, Saudi and British consulates,” the report said. Keep Reading

Suicide bomber targets the Iraqi city of Musayyib: more than 25 killed and 30 injured

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At least 25 people have been killed and 30 injured in a suicide explosion claimed by ISIS in the Iraqi city of al Musayyib, local media reports.

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