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Japanese Warship deployed amid rising North Korea tensions

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According to reports, Japan has dispatched its biggest warship since World War II to guard and escort a U.S. supply vessel. The mission, which comes amid rising tensions over North Korea, is performed under Japan’s expanded security law that came into force March last year. Under this law, Japan has the right to aid an alley under attack and expand its SDF activities overseas.

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North Korea ‘can sink US aircraft carrier in one strike’

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North Korea says it has the military power to sink an American nuclear-powered aircraft carrier that is approaching waters off the Korean Peninsula in “one strike.”

The US has deployed a strike group, including the large USS Carl Vinson carrier, to the Korean Peninsula in what is intended to be a show of force amid North Korea’s advancing missile and military nuclear programs.

The US carrier will reach the peninsula by the end of April, according to US defense officials.
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