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A telephone call between Zarif and Oglu about the Idlib agreement

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Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif met with his Turkish counterpart Mouloud Gawishoglu on the Idlib agreement and agreed to follow up the details of the agreement at the tripartite meeting between foreign ministers of Iran, Russia and Turkey in New York next week.

In the telephone conversation, the two sides exchanged views on the details of the Idlib agreement, which followed talks in Ankara, Tehran and Sochi.

The two sides also agreed to follow up the details of the agreement at the upcoming tripartite meeting in New York between foreign ministers of Iran, Russia and Turkey on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasimi welcomed the Sochi agreement between Russia and Turkey on Syria’s Idlib, which came after the tripartite summit meeting in Tehran between Iran, Russia and Turkey.

In a statement to the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Gassemi said that the summit meeting between Iran, Russia and Turkey and the agreement on how to resolve and resolve the Idlib issue in Syria is an important step in eliminating the remnants of terrorists in Syria, Establish peace in Syria and end the lives of terrorist groups in this country by providing the necessary support to resolve and settle Syrian issues and take into account all humanitarian aspects.

After the crash of its plane .. Russia vows a response to the actions of Israeli forces

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Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shweigo told his Israeli counterpart Avigdor Lieberman that Russia would not abandon the actions of Israeli forces that caused the Russian plane to crash without a response.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shweigo said Tuesday that he told his Israeli counterpart Avigdor Lieberman that Russia would not abandon the Israeli actions that led to the crash of a Russian aircraft in Syria without a response.

“Today we told the Israeli colleagues, and in particular, I told the Israeli defense minister that we will not leave such actions and these steps without a response,” Shweigo said at a meeting of the Russian Defense Ministry leadership.

Earlier on Tuesday, Minister Shweigo announced in a telephone conversation with Lieberman that as a result of irresponsible actions by the Israeli Air Force, a tragedy that led to the death of 15 Russian soldiers had taken place.

Iran’s leader meets Russian president, hails cooperation in Syria war on terrorism

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Iran’s leader meets Russian president, hails cooperation in Syria war on terrorism. “The defeat of US-led coalition supporting terrorists in Syria is an undeniable reality, but they keep hatching plots,” Ayatollah Khamenei during the meeting with Russian President Putin in Tehran on Wednesday. Keep Reading

Lebanon’s president stresses Iran’s key role in region

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Lebanese President Michel Aoun has stressed Iran’s significant role in the Middle East, saying the Islamic Republic is a regional power and part of the solution to the region’s woes.
Keep Reading

The secret operators behind the smuggling of Syrian oil

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Iraqi news outlet “SNG” wrote, quoting the source who requested anonymity: separatist Kurdish movements called the “al-Taibet”, who under the pretense of defending an area north of “Zumar” and “Rabia” in Nineveh province, are fighting alongside the Syrian border under order from Barzani’s sons. These areas are of great importance to the secessionists because they of their proximity to the “Armilan” and “Kratchuk” Syrian oil fields. Keep Reading

Syria considers Raqqa still occupied as US-backed militants replace ISIS

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In a statement on Sunday, Syrian Foreign Ministry said propaganda on alleged liberation of Raqqa aims to divert international public opinion from the crimes committed by this alliance in Raqqa province. Keep Reading

US worked with Saudi regime, Qatar, Turkey to support terrorists in Syria: Ex-Qatar PM

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Hamad bin Jassim admitted in an interview on October 26 with Qatari national broadcaster that his country, a tiny state to the south of the Persian Gulf, was part of a group of four countries that delivered weapons and funds to the terrorists in Syria. Keep Reading

US-backed Kurds take Syria’s largest oil field: Opportunities, challenges

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They also seized on Sunday the richest oilfield of Deir ez-Zor, also a Syrian city with largest oil reserves that has been under the ISIS siege for three years. Capturing the al-Omar oilfield coincided with advances towards the same oilfield of the government forces who came under an ISIS counterattack that pushed them back. Under these conditions, the US-backed SDF managed to seize the oil installations, a development triggering public opinion’s speculations about possible American deal with the terrorist group to keep the government forces away. Keep Reading

Why US-backed Kurdish militias raised poster of Turkish secessionist leader in Syria’s Raqqa?

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A group of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) fighters raised a huge poster of Abdullah Ocalan, the political and spiritual leader of the terrorist group Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) who has been in Turkish prison since 1999 on conviction of treason in the small Turkish island of Imrali. Turkey has designated PKK a terrorist group and banned its activities across the country and announced a state of war against the militant group. Keep Reading

Al-Nusra commander killed by ISIS landmine in east Hama

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According to opposition sources, a top Ha’yat Tahrir al-Sham commander leading the jihadist group’s anti-ISIS operation in northeastern Hama was killed in battle yesterday. Keep Reading

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