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Trend News: Iran will answer America in Trump’s way itself

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The Trend News agency wrote in a report: “The situation in Middle East is changing and deteriorating. This Azerbaijani news agency wrote: “It seems that the US President Donald Trump’s policy against Iran is not as effective as he expected, as Tehran is fighting fire with fire and adopting same policy of Trump has proved to be effective, in a way that the destructive activities of Iran, as claimed by the America has not changed, and Iran continues its effect in Iraq and Syria. Keep Reading

Video Of Ayatollah Khamenei Goes Viral After Iran launches missile strikes in response to ‘Tehran terror attack’

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They cannot slap us. We will slap them, the country’s supreme leader said in a message posted on Instagram.

A video message posted by Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei hours after the country’s missile attack on multiple ISIS locations inside Syria in retaliation for the deadly twin attacks in Tehran earlier this month has received thousands of comments from his supporters. Keep Reading

Terrorist attack in Tehran: at least 12 killed in shootings and suicide bombings at Ayatollah Khomeini’s tomb and parliament

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ISIS has claimed responsibility for twin attacks at the Iranian parliament and a major shrine in Tehran, in what would be the first time it has carried out a terror operation on Iranian soil.

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