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Bahrain calls for freezing of Qatar’s PGCC membership

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Bahraini Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifah has warned that his country will not attend an upcoming Persian Gulf Cooperation Council if Qatar doesn’t alter its stance on regional issues. Keep Reading

UAE efforts under US-Saudi pressure to control Maarib

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Recent events have shown that the appetite of the UAE has opened up to its advocates after it recently imposed its direct authority on the province of Shabwa and control of oil and gas sources. Keep Reading

Saudi-Emirati agreement to end the Islah party in Yemen; al-Zindani under house arrest

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Al-Badeel newspaper discussed the UAE’s moves against Yemen’s Islah Party, citing signs of Riyadh’s acceptance as Abu Dhabi would not act against reform in eastern Yemen without a Saudi green light. Keep Reading

Saudi-led regimes bribed, threatened African States to isolate Qatar

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In an interview with French-language news magazine Jeune Afrique , Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani revealed that Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have been compelling vulnerable African countries to cut ties with Doha. Keep Reading

Facts hidden by the UAE about its military aircraft crashed in Yemen and the fate of its crew

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The second deputy pilot of Sultan Mohammed Ali al-Naqbi died after his plane crashed as a result of a technical defect while performing his mission in the process of “restoring hope” in the operations of the Saudi-led coalition forces in Yemen. Keep Reading

Hadi promotes UAE sovereignty in southern Yemen

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Although the UAE is part of the alliance with Saudi Arabia in Yemen, it is considered the biggest competition for the government of Riyadh, where observers believe that one of the most important objectives of the UAE in the alliance is to save its economic system through control of ports and expansion of land and borders, and seeks to include some islands and territories Yemen to its territory, that is, hitting two birds in one room. Keep Reading

Gulf fox’ destroys Al Saud for throne of “New Middle East”

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Where observers see that Saudi Arabia to improve its image in front of Arab and Western public opinion after committing its heinous crimes against the Yemeni people of women and children, isolation and destruction of infrastructure has pushed the UAE regime to the forefront to reduce the condemnations directed by some international organizations. Keep Reading

South Yemen, engulfed by UAE; Dimensions and consequences

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When America felt that the storm of firmness can no longer achieve the desired goals and that its strength is no longer enough to protect the southern territory, the US military operations room has turned into an alternate plan that includes two tracks: the first is the exchange of roles so that the southern regions will be handed over to the oil and biological zones controlled by the terrorist organizations Second, the overthrow of the control of the forces of Hadi and Saudi Arabia on those areas and internationalization of the authority of the United Arab Emirates. Keep Reading

UAE and the termination of the secret relationship with the Israeli entity

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No one can overlook the role played by the UAE in fueling the crises witnessed and are still being witnessed by the region and how to seek to pull the carpet from under its friends and compete to show the fulfillment for ‘Uncle Sam’, even at the expense of national causes harm people who claimed to support them in secret and public and defended by the media and internationally, and here Of course we mean the Palestinian issue and the game of seduction followed by the UAE in this file. Keep Reading

The UAE is venturing on its ports in exchange for the removal of the Arab Gulf blockade

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Where the information indicates the control of the UAE to the Directorate of Azan in the province of Shabwa in eastern Yemen and put its hands on the gas fields and pipelines linking to the port of Balhaf allocated for the export of oil and gas with American assistance. Keep Reading

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