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UK set £139 million aid budget for Yemen while selling £3.6 billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia

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UK, France and the US have been three of the biggest suppliers of arms to the Saudi regime since the war in Yemen broke out in 2015, despite the fact that thousands of civilians, including children, have been injured in the conflict. Keep Reading

U.S. and U.K. continue to actively participate in Saudi war crimes, targeting of Yemeni civilians

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The atrocities committed by the Saudis would have been impossible without their steadfast, aggressive support.

The Obama administration “offered to sell $115 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia over its eight years in office, more than any previous U.S. administration,” as The Guardian reported. As The Intercept documented , “In his first five years as president, Obama sold $30 billion more in weapons than President Bush did during his entire eight years as commander in chief.” Keep Reading

Amnesty International blames US and UK for Bahrain’s “disastrous decline in human rights”

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Bahraini government has taken severe measures, over the past year, towards its peaceful critics, torturing, fatally beating and sexually assaulting more than 169 Shia people. Amnesty International held the US and UK responsible for ignoring the “horrific abuses” of Bahrain. Keep Reading

Amnesty slams US, UK support for repressive Bahraini regime

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The new report published Thursday by Amnesty International sheds light on the repressive tactics used by the Bahraini regime over the past year to crush civil society and violently crack down on protests, leading to the deaths of six people, including one child. Keep Reading

UK arms sold to Saudi Arabia contribute to ’81 unlawful attacks in Yemen’

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The Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) has reignited concerns that funding of extremism is linked to the Gulf Kingdom, which is the biggest buyer of UK arms.

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