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The US ambassador in Iraq describes Erdogan’s behavior as shameful and provocative

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According to AlArabiya News website, the US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silliman said during his meeting with a number of the Iraqi elite that the Turkish President Erdogan had adopted a disgraceful and provocative behavior in the foreign policy of his country, explaining that President Erdogan in order to achieve the interests of his country in Syria had supported “ISIS”, and he set the interests of his country in the forefront and supported ISIS and Saddam Hussein’s regime, where his personal involvement in the oil trade with ISIS was exposed.

As for what is happening in the Iraqi region now, Silliman said that Barzani’s threat to the sovereignty of Iraq is due to Erdogan’s purchase of oil from Barzani for half the price which allured Barzani who was deceived by those dollars given by Erdogan.

He continued: Turkey does not have any place in the Arab nation, the Arab elite’s memories has been bitter and full of hatred towards the Ottoman Empire.

He stressed that Erdogan tried with ill-conceived plans to achieve many interests, but he failed to achieve those interests.

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